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March 5, 2013

mashed potatoes..yumm!

Back on the vegan train!! Not all the way; I’m still cleaning out my refrigerator…that’s my excuse, anyway! Eggs are out, cheese is borderline at the moment, and I’m not reading ingredient lists yet. It’s a process, y’all!

Think we found a house we want to buy…I feel like I have learned SO much about personal finances in the past year or two, and our bank account is starting to show it. I’ve been reading blogs and watching videos and piecing together everyone’s “methods.” News flash: there is no magic pill (for anything: money management, weight loss, happiness) that will work for everyone! But, I’m finding the tips and tricks that make sense and work for us.

So far (and yes, I know it’s only the 5th) I’ve run every day this month! Yay, me! hope I can keep it up. My reward will be the Color Me Rad 5k on the 30th.

I’m getting SUPER excited about the Hangout. Beach and good music, hooray! Not too sold on the people I’m going with, but the more music I listen to the more I think it’ll be good. Now if only this veganism and running challenge could make me skinny, toned, and tanned just in time for the festival!

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November 20, 2012

Cornbread and butterbeans

And yes, I’ve been listening to a lot of Carolina Chocolate Drops. So-my vegan trial. It didn’t go as planned, but it went better than I expected. However, I found myself eating burgers and nachos and lots of simple carbs, which was not great. Also, since I also did the 10 day raw food trial, I have a hard time meshing the two. Yes, I want to avoid eating/using animal products. At the same time, I don’t want to put a ton of chemicals in my body by using imitation animal products (see vegan cheese). Therefore, I have decided to adopt a personalized diet plan in which I avoid animal products, chemicalized foods, and yucky stuff as much as possible. Maybe I’ll write a bestseller after I drop 80 lbs? Or maybe I’ll continue to eat Cracker Jacks and not actually change much at all.
More news forthcoming-late for work!!


November 7, 2012

Election day=drink specials!

So far, so vegan! 6 days-and I’m getting much better at it…despite the fact that my husband seems to think he “can’t” eat non-animal burgers?! In other news, I did a boxing workout yesterday. Learned that I like to hit things and (later discovery) dancing is the best way to find sore spots.
There really are drink specials for our esteemed presidential candidates, but I hate rum. Coincidence???
Bright side? It seems as though D and I are capable of making friends in this town!
Now-I will celebrate by watching tv and eating (vegan) ice cream. Yay, voting!!

November 4, 2012

Jack and ginger

Had no idea how much booze is NOT vegan friendly!
Also, the Lost Sea and I have some moral inconsistencies. And “Friends” is the same as “How I Met Your Mother” and also my life.
Happy daylight savings time 🙂

November 2, 2012

Vegan cheese…

Well, I’ve made it 2 full days. I did, of course, spend most of the morning looking up various ingredients to figure out whether they were allowed. One of the problems with the South is that vegan basically means I can’t go out to eat, at least not until I am more familiar with “safe” foods. When I started this, I thought it would mean just not adding cheese to my food. WRONG! I had no idea that I would have to either buy a bunch of substitute foods or change my menu. It’s looking like Mexican-inspired dishes are easiest?
Since tomorrow’s Saturday and I will be lazy, I think we’ll just be eating steamed veggies. At least I was already using margarine instead of butter!
In other news, I’m quite ready for daylight savings time. All this darkness is starting to mess with me…

November 1, 2012

Vegan Day 1

Day one of my 15 day vegan challenge. So far, nothing very different for me except that my food diary app thinks I’m going to die of malnutrition. Just wait til dinner time!!