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November 10, 2012


Well, I’ve been doing quite well both logging my food and staying vegan. And THEN, I had to come to Savannah for work. The great thing about working conferences (sarcasm!!) Is that my dietary restrictions are the only accommodation not provided. So my plan is a 2 day “pause” until I’m back to my town and my kitchen.
Speaking of my home, my new mattress should be arriving soon…excited!
Speaking of sleeping-I’ve been gym shopping. Right now I’m looking at Koko, which is this strange automated personal trainer thing that has weight and cardio machines and one other. The other is a boxing/kickboxing gym. Both are 30 minute circuit full body things, but I can’t decide which I would be more likely to go to regularly. So that’s something I’m marinating on…
With the holidays coming up, I’ll need a gym. As much for stress as to counteract the eating!