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December 19, 2012

Xmas v. Christmas

WELL, here come the holidays. And there goes my diet/workout. On the bright side, everyone wants to be social around now, so that’s fun. Through BBBS, I now have a little sister to hang out with also. Hubs and I are on track to do some budgeting work in the new year. We will also be playing around with the Real Food Challenges, unbeknownst to my other half 🙂

Work is going well, Spanish class is going well, and I’m staying fairly busy. Planning to go to Nashville for New Year’s; hopefully silly job schedules will cooperate! It will be good to be back with the group for the holiday. 

It doesn’t feel a bit like holiday season. I flat missed Hannukah, and I haven’t listened to the first Christmas song (on purpose). Even my church kids aren’t talking about the holidays they way they usually do. I guess there’s still time for that to change. We shall see. 

Side note- I try to be a nice person and do good where I can. I don’t talk about it much. It’s my business. However, it bothers me quite a bit when people do stuff that is “giving back” as a way to get attention and show how Christian they are. I will donate and volunteer and attend events until I can’t do anymore, but only for causes I believe in and only because it makes me happy. I will NOT contribute to a cross country bike ride to raise money. That is an activity you want to do. Donations are to pay for your vacation, not to support a charity. Unless you are famous, you will raise very little money/awareness outside of your friends and family. Social media does not make you a saint. So there.