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November 17, 2014

Culinary genius and other bragging

You guys. Did you know you can make a smoothie with literally NOTHING BUT BANANA AND A CUP OF YOGURT?! AND it’s delicious. So now I have avoided wasting 2 bananas that were turning black and a cup of yogurt that I didn’t really like. Ha! I feel like I have defeated expiration dates and my taste buds, all in one go.

Also, little tip: if you need a self-esteem boost, tell people you’re pregnant. It apparently doesn’t matter if you are in mismatched clothes with cold sores, acne, and bags under your eyes with unwashed hair. When people find out I’m pregnant, they tell me how great I look. *note: this does not apply to mothers! Immediately after learning the fun “pregnancy means you automatically look great” trick, I saw my mom. First thing she says to me? “What’s going on with your face?”

Another perk of being knocked up is that every little accomplishment counts double. Which basically makes me an Olympic level runner.

Alright, I’m way too positive for a Monday- back to work (AKA reality!).

June 3, 2013


My birthday has come and gone yet again. And with it, several changes in my world.

Most notably, we bought (or are in the process of buying) a house. I knew this would make me feel like and incompetent under-educated little girl, but I was still shocked by the way people treated us. My fear was that, given options, I would have to ask for clarification a ridiculous number of times. The reality was that I wasn’t given choices. Professionals (mortgage and real estate) chose a path for me and went with it until I contradicted them. Here is what I attribute that to: I look young. I am young, but I look younger. I am a woman in the South. My husband and I do not communicate the way people expect us to, and because all communication goes through me, people don’t know how to react. After all, surely I have a husband to make these decisions for me! Lastly, and this one is self-induced, my father was involved in the home-buying process. Y’all. He’s my dad. He is there to be supportive and remember things I forget. When people started addressing him instead of me or assuming that he would be responsible for monetary transactions, I was not pleased. So. There is my view on the matter.

My husband has changed his work schedule so that we have the same off days. Yay!

2 of our friends are moving pretty far away. I’m not sad to see them go. I feel bad, especially because we don’t have many other “couple” friends, but they’re both kind of assholes, so whatever.

Not to change the subject (not that I can remember what it was!)- I have another recent gripe. When people/businesses are self-promoting via social media, WHY don’t they proofread the things they post or link to or endorse? If I think you’re stupid, or even just careless, as a consumer, I’m going to look elsewhere for that service. And I KNOW that someone has the job of doing just that.

Alright, well, just trying to get some of the random bouncy tidbits out of my head so I can function as a semi-normal adult for the rest of the day!

December 19, 2012

Xmas v. Christmas

WELL, here come the holidays. And there goes my diet/workout. On the bright side, everyone wants to be social around now, so that’s fun. Through BBBS, I now have a little sister to hang out with also. Hubs and I are on track to do some budgeting work in the new year. We will also be playing around with the Real Food Challenges, unbeknownst to my other half 🙂

Work is going well, Spanish class is going well, and I’m staying fairly busy. Planning to go to Nashville for New Year’s; hopefully silly job schedules will cooperate! It will be good to be back with the group for the holiday. 

It doesn’t feel a bit like holiday season. I flat missed Hannukah, and I haven’t listened to the first Christmas song (on purpose). Even my church kids aren’t talking about the holidays they way they usually do. I guess there’s still time for that to change. We shall see. 

Side note- I try to be a nice person and do good where I can. I don’t talk about it much. It’s my business. However, it bothers me quite a bit when people do stuff that is “giving back” as a way to get attention and show how Christian they are. I will donate and volunteer and attend events until I can’t do anymore, but only for causes I believe in and only because it makes me happy. I will NOT contribute to a cross country bike ride to raise money. That is an activity you want to do. Donations are to pay for your vacation, not to support a charity. Unless you are famous, you will raise very little money/awareness outside of your friends and family. Social media does not make you a saint. So there.

December 12, 2012


Pretty sure I have my Christmas shopping done! Not that impressive, considering I’m only buying for my immediate family, but still!
I also got a call from Big Brothers Big Sisters today-found me a little. Good-bye, free time that I’ve been using to watch crappy tv! Super excited about having an excuse to do fun kid stuff.
I think the hubs and I are gonna do a scuba class. In a heated indoor pool. It could be fun, or he could get on my nerves…we shall see…
Got a busy schedule for the next 2 weeks (who doesn’t, right?), so my fantastic eating and exercising may be challenged. Of course, cooking, cleaning, and dancing count as exercise, so that works in my favor.
Reading Dave Ramsey’s “Total Money Makeover” makes me feel guilty about every purchase. Husband does not have said guilt. Hopefully the DVDs can brainwash him. Let us test that theory!  (Cue evil laugh…)
Side note- Carolina Chocolate Drops put on a damn good show!

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