New Year, New….NOPE!

I would like to start off by saying that I am becoming (or just realizing?) pretty anti-holiday. Thanksgiving and Christmas strain my typically good eating, exercise, and routine, and forced family interaction is always strained. New Years used to be fun for me, but not so much this year. I know it’s partly because I’m at an in-between age- too old to go out partying, too young to be happy with ignoring midnight and champagne toasts. However, I do like most holiday traditions, generally speaking, and have been able to incorporate my own versions into my life effectively. My issue with New Years is the resolutions and such. Not to sound cocky, but I don’t think I need to change that much. Also, what exactly is it about cold weather and no sunshine that is supposed to inspire change?? That, my sweets, is a recipe for hibernation, not a motivator. (and yes, we are currently ignoring the fact that I am growing a human and am, therefore, not in any position to be striving for weight loss or other monumental change. I’ve got enough going on!)

To make matters worse, I spent New Years with two of my very best friends. I say that with all sincerity. However, as with all good friends, sometimes I hate them. It is hard to be the only one who likes (and needs!) to work out, the only one who consistently eats real food, the only one who wakes up early. For people who aren’t as perfect as me (sarcasm!!), I’m sure that New Years resolutions are a delightful way to work towards kick-starting lasting change. In real life, though, no one should expect to be able to make drastic lifestyle changes just because they bought a new calendar. I know not all resolutions are health/weight related, but that’s what I tend to see. I just think that those types of changes, which I would love to see my friends make, have to occur slowly. They have to seep into every part of life and become consistent facets of personality. There has to be room for error and adjustment of strategy.

ANYWAY, that’s enough preaching for me on a Monday! Don’t worry, the internet, for all its failings, has managed to sum up my perspective on life. Every day, not just every January. Start with self love, people.da-mo-13


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