2 down, 1 to go

I have made it through Thanksgiving and Christmas without any major breakdowns! and I need to debrief to avoid psychological trauma.

First of all, I think I am just going to slap the next person who says anything related to my food choices and/or dietary preferences. I am a vegetarian. I don’t like dairy (except cheese, which is delicious and makes my pregnant stomach angry…). I have a sweet tooth. I tend to graze instead of eating big meals. These things have not changed now that I’m “eating for two.” I am perfectly capable of knowing when I’m hungry; I’ve been responsible for my own eating schedule for a while without dying. Apparently it is now socially appropriate for people to point how many bites of each food group I’ve had per day. umm…NOPE! I don’t need to hear some old fashioned BS about what the baby needs (a steak a day, in case you were wondering). If my doctor (who is actually a midwife- gasp!) was worried about my weight, it wouldn’t be up for discussion with the extended family over dessert. I am surprised to hear that so many people were “the size of a house” at 24 weeks. I’m not that big. I think I’m on track though, based on the fact that I feel healthy, my medical professionals have NOT expressed any concerns, and my research (yes, on the internet) points toward my weight being right on track. So, dear sweet friends and family, shut up and pass the pie. Thanks.

Point 2- I knew this was coming and I know that I’m selfish, but I am actually a person. Like, I know I am also an incubator, but….I have hobbies, and friends, and a job. I do things other than be pregnant. I am interested in things other than how I’m going to decorate the baby’s room. I am glad to get gifts for the baby- every little thing helps! But, I need things for me, too. Little things- running socks, books for book club, kitchen stuff. Not a whole lot of trivial sparkly stuff (although I wouldn’t turn that down either!), but still…

To sum up- change the date there you have it!



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