super complainy

these days I am really struggling to keep in mind that I did, in fact, choose to marry my loving husband. and so, dear internet, it is time for me to force myself to be gushy and romantic. ahh, if only I had friends to have this chat with…

ok, let’s see. what do I respect about my life partner? he is handy, and he gets things done around the house quickly. he is artistic. he is generally flexible and amenable to my last minute plan changes. he expresses himself, probably better than I do; the man tells me he loves me about 80 times a day, and he misses me every time I walk out the door. he hates the cold like I do, and he likes (or at least tolerates) crappy TV in binge form. he has a good relationship with his family, and he’s working on a good relationship with my family. he has never been controlling or judgmental, and he respects my opinion on most things.

ok…much better. even though the man I will soon be raising a child with is an eternal man-child, he is helpful when he can be, he recognizes his own strengths, and he loves me for who I am. I guess I can tolerate him for a while longer.


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