Culinary genius and other bragging

You guys. Did you know you can make a smoothie with literally NOTHING BUT BANANA AND A CUP OF YOGURT?! AND it’s delicious. So now I have avoided wasting 2 bananas that were turning black and a cup of yogurt that I didn’t really like. Ha! I feel like I have defeated expiration dates and my taste buds, all in one go.

Also, little tip: if you need a self-esteem boost, tell people you’re pregnant. It apparently doesn’t matter if you are in mismatched clothes with cold sores, acne, and bags under your eyes with unwashed hair. When people find out I’m pregnant, they tell me how great I look. *note: this does not apply to mothers! Immediately after learning the fun “pregnancy means you automatically look great” trick, I saw my mom. First thing she says to me? “What’s going on with your face?”

Another perk of being knocked up is that every little accomplishment counts double. Which basically makes me an Olympic level runner.

Alright, I’m way too positive for a Monday- back to work (AKA reality!).


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