Mom-to-be’s Day Out

At 17 weeks, I’m still not pregnant enough to warrant a lot of attention from the public, and I’m pretty asymptomatic. The biggest external change I have notice thus far has been my social life. While I have never been an outgoing little butterfly, since my pregnancy has become public knowledge, my event invitations have decreased dramatically.

An out of town friend recently asked me (unprompted) about this change. While trying to figure out how to answer in a way that was witty and not self-pitying but still honest, I realized that most of my friendships to this point have been qualified somehow. I have/have had drinking friends, running friends, work friends, and school friends. As my friend pointed out, this classification system does make sense; most friendships have a common ground that brings people together initially. My question after this brief analysis is this: when does a friendship reach a point where it doesn’t need a qualifier? How much time do you spend with someone before they become just a “friend,” without any explanation attached? And how much overlap in the friendship setting does there need to be before an acquaintance is no longer boxed into one particular common interest area?

Obviously, I have not been getting out much, and I have too much time to sit around thinking about how I’m going to make “mom friends” in the future….


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