16 weeks sober

While I recognize that I am not good at consistently blogging, I also realize that my friends probably don’t want to hear me verbalize my thought process for any and all pregnancy related things (decisions, mostly, but also just musings and the like). With those two things in mind- back to the internet for talk therapy!

Being pregnant is tricky for me. I feel like there are a lot of things I should know already; I do, after all, have a degree in Early Childhood Education. However, I apparently slept through some crucial early development stuff. For instance- I don’t actually feel pregnant. It’s hard to be excited and work on getting ready for a baby when I don’t really feel any different.

One thing I did learn (from working in daycare for 6 years, not in school) is that I need to be looking for childcare. I know that most centers that accept infants fill up pretty quickly. What I don’t know is how to effectively begin my search. What do I say when I call these people? There is no script for that, and for the socially awkward mom-to-be that I am, it’s tough! (side note: I also hate calling doctor’s offices and the massage place, but at least I know what to say to them!) When is it too early to start calling/visiting? Are they going to think I’m a crazy helicopter mom (spoiler: I will be!)?

Here’s another thing- when do I need a prenatal massage instead of a regular massage? When do I need to go to prenatal yoga? I’m not really showing (and most of my “baby bump” is from carb loading), so it doesn’t feel right for me to be involved in all things prenatal yet. And yes, my massage and yoga choices are very stressful decisions at the moment. I don’t want to use growing a baby as an excuse to be unhealthy and lazy and uncomfortable.

And then there’s insurance- does it actually need to be the most complicated thing on the planet? I don’t even know when I will find out the gender of my baby because I’m not sure what/when/if my insurance pays.

On the bright side (yes, there’s a bright side!) I am blaming literally everything on the pregnancy. “Oops, I was late for work because of being pregnant.” “Oh, sorry I ate the last of the food- the baby was hungry!” “My clothes don’t match/hubby has to clean the bathroom/I’m canceling plans last minute because of pregnancy.” That part is fun. It’s mostly a joke, so hopefully no one will jump down my throat about it. Also, baby clothes are so damn cute!!

Alright- time to suck it up and call a daycare or four. Wish me luck!


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