New Year, same ole me

so i’ve been doing a lot of reading lately- not unusual, for me. i am naturally curious, and the internet means i can look up anything i want to know exactly as the whim strikes. what with it being new year season, i’m seeing a lot of stuff about…oh, all the myriad self improvement topics. i am in the “resolutions are unhealthy” school of thought, but it still got me thinking. i have acknowledged my generally unhealthy habits in the past- it may be time to revisit those. my financial management took a turn for the worse right before christmas, so that definitely needs some attention. also (back to my natural curiosity), i feel like i need to be learning something useful. this is partly due to an article that i read on the glorious abyss that is facebook. basically, the article stated that everyone is selfish and if you want people to want to spend time with you (or hire/date/whatever you), you must have some sort of value to offer. the author requested that readers name 5 impressive (which is a bit much!) things about themselves, none of them personality traits. i can’t. so, AND THIS IS NOT A RESOLUTION!! my goal is to work on identifying and developing my value to others. 

i have been moping about not having much of a social life for a while, and i agree with the author of the aforementioned article that everyone is ultimately selfish. i generally phrase my belief system differently, as people tend to get offended when you call them selfish. I  say that most people are just like two year olds. it is socially acceptable for two years old children to do whatever they want-they’re still learning. what they (and we) learn, however, is how to do whatever we want in a way that doesn’t cause trouble. and that is my slightly skewed, very changeable, view of the world. now, to specifics: what do i have to offer??

i am a good cook, and i know a good bit about healthy, plant based eating. maybe i could take a cooking class or actually go to a veggie potluck?

i am good with languages. i am not taking spanish any more (you have to actually practice!! ah!), but my knack for languages is a thing that may be useful.

i’m (gulp) good with personal finance. or i was until the holidays, and i’m getting back on track. i started taking an MBA class, but i’m more interested in real life personal finance than company stuff. and investing is for the birds- that shit doesn’t make sense. however, regular old day to day budget planning, i can do. is there a class for that? 

(i’m shooting for five, so i may start to reach a bit) if i get back into running, hiking, biking, kayaking, etc, that will be something i can build on. i love the idea of all of those things, and maybe the way to find an activity buddy is to do the activity, instead of vice versa. 

i’m a great planner- i can throw a good party, i can plan a vacation for the masses, and i can (obviously!) schedule my work week so that i have plenty of blogging time. i may not use this skill on my real life much (for example, please note the infinity times i planned to exercise i then decided to netflix instead), and i don’t have many friends to witness it, but i’m good. 

alright- i’m open to suggestions from the world at large, and until then i will be finding free or local classes for which i can register.

happy 2014!


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