I just need a moment. I am in full support of just about all the rights. I don’t understand why anyone would NOT be- it’s just mean to tell people no for no reason. That said, I’m glad that the gay rights folks are stepping up and demanding that they be represented in commercials as well as have actual rights (marriage, non-discrimination…). BUT I have a hard time wrapping my head around why so. many. groups have fought for equality and there are still some that are invisible.
To be fair, I know that my work with people with disabilities has altered the way I see they world. I know that my work with mental illness and foster care has altered the way I see homeless people. But I don’t know why the gay/lesbian community is suddenly spot-lit to the extent of all others. When a company (Barilla, for example) says that they want to be diverse, they should mean diverse in regards to age, gender, sexual orientation, disability status, race, and all of the other things that are diverse about PEOPLE. And generally, when a conglomerate says that they value diversity, they are referring to only one teeny-tiny facet of diversity.


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