Rosemary + Olive Oil

As I am getting ready to pack for vacation, I have noticed a couple of things.

First of all, my dog is REALLY good about not eating my food when I put it down and walk away. I think this is probably because of the one time she ate a BBQ tempeh taco. Lesson learned!

Also, my obsessive list making and scheduling and planning and so on does not seem to carry over into travel. I mean, I’ve got plane tickets, a rental car, and hotel reservations, of course. But where usually I would have meals and activities planned, there is nothing. One concert and one postcard to be sent. My clothes that I am bringing? Actually just a haphazard pile of shirts that look like they still fit and the only 3 pairs of jeans I own. My goals for this trip are the same as they are for my life in general- find some beauty, listen to some music, have a few laughs.¬†

oh- and we’re going to see Big Gigantic, so obviously that’ll be awesome!


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