My birthday has come and gone yet again. And with it, several changes in my world.

Most notably, we bought (or are in the process of buying) a house. I knew this would make me feel like and incompetent under-educated little girl, but I was still shocked by the way people treated us. My fear was that, given options, I would have to ask for clarification a ridiculous number of times. The reality was that I wasn’t given choices. Professionals (mortgage and real estate) chose a path for me and went with it until I contradicted them. Here is what I attribute that to: I look young. I am young, but I look younger. I am a woman in the South. My husband and I do not communicate the way people expect us to, and because all communication goes through me, people don’t know how to react. After all, surely I have a husband to make these decisions for me! Lastly, and this one is self-induced, my father was involved in the home-buying process. Y’all. He’s my dad. He is there to be supportive and remember things I forget. When people started addressing him instead of me or assuming that he would be responsible for monetary transactions, I was not pleased. So. There is my view on the matter.

My husband has changed his work schedule so that we have the same off days. Yay!

2 of our friends are moving pretty far away. I’m not sad to see them go. I feel bad, especially because we don’t have many other “couple” friends, but they’re both kind of assholes, so whatever.

Not to change the subject (not that I can remember what it was!)- I have another recent gripe. When people/businesses are self-promoting via social media, WHY don’t they proofread the things they post or link to or endorse? If I think you’re stupid, or even just careless, as a consumer, I’m going to look elsewhere for that service. And I KNOW that someone has the job of doing just that.

Alright, well, just trying to get some of the random bouncy tidbits out of my head so I can function as a semi-normal adult for the rest of the day!


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