Restaurant Review time

So, y’all may know that I like to go out. I like to eat, drink, attend charity functions, watch all of the arts, and occasionally play games. Based on my frequency of going places, I have some standards in regards to service. Lately, these have not been met very well, and it makes me sad.

My first problem visit was on my anniversary. It was one of my favorite restaurant/bars, and I go often (The Social, which is connected to the Public House). This is my go-to out-of-town-guest treat slash if I owe someone a birthday drink spot. We arrived at around 6:30 on a Tuesday. There were people there, but it was by no means crowded. After ordering drinks directly from the bartender (who was covering for our waitress), we had to wait 30 minutes before she acknowledged us. I commented on the wait and did not even get an apology. I had another couple of drinks and got over it, but the service didn’t get any better.

Most recently, I went to a burger chain that is supposed to be “gourmet.” Now, as a vegetarian, I know which burger places have good meat substitution choices and which ones have frozen Boca burgers (no offense, Boca…). I’ve only been to this chain once (Red Robin, by the way), and remembered it as being decent. However, our served apparently was confused easily. I tried to tell her we had a 3rd person joining us, but she asked for our order twice before he showed up. As soon as we got our food she brought the check-this is better than having to wait for the check, but waiting 5 minutes for us to eat would have been acceptable. And I know some people are just awkward, but this poor girl did not smile once, nor did she know how to have a conversation. Side note-food was okay, but not worth it. I won’t be back. In fact, I had a similar experience with ANOTHER national chain (Chili’s) earlier this week….looks like local is the way to go!

Positive note- new pizza place (Community Pie) is not only delicious, but the servers know stuff and are nice and helpful. Even if you don’t fully read the menu and accidentally order something that is SSOOOO not vegetarian friendly (oops!).


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