Spring…is that you???

Well- I have been in some kind of mood here lately. Generally cranky and have absolutely zero motivation. I have abandoned the vegan challenge and the every day run challenge. It just wasn’t working for me. Too much self-inflicted guilt. Instead, I finally went hiking/climbing (how do you know which is which? I think I did both) and heavily drinking with my brother. That helped!

Also saw Oz this weekend. Not impressed, but not terrible. I think that is one franchise I will not buy into. On the other hand…super into Vampire Diaries right now…it’s bad. Like, losing sleep to watch one more episode bad. 

I’m in major tattoo mode. Can’t decide what I want. Something with a dandelion and a quote from either “The Little Prince” or “Alice in Wonderland.” Or both.

Also, hunting for a second job. To correspond with my hunt for a house to buy. Both of these are very lackadaisical hunts….more like a gaze, really.

2 year anniversary tomorrow- excited to go out to dinner and hiking w/ the husband. Work is generally crazy. Weekend ahead looks pretty dull (yes it’s only Monday and I’m already thinking about the weekend), but this one didn’t have horseback riding planned, and look what happened!

Off to appreciate the spring showers (aka monsoon…but whatever)


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