Pretty sure I have my Christmas shopping done! Not that impressive, considering I’m only buying for my immediate family, but still!
I also got a call from Big Brothers Big Sisters today-found me a little. Good-bye, free time that I’ve been using to watch crappy tv! Super excited about having an excuse to do fun kid stuff.
I think the hubs and I are gonna do a scuba class. In a heated indoor pool. It could be fun, or he could get on my nerves…we shall see…
Got a busy schedule for the next 2 weeks (who doesn’t, right?), so my fantastic eating and exercising may be challenged. Of course, cooking, cleaning, and dancing count as exercise, so that works in my favor.
Reading Dave Ramsey’s “Total Money Makeover” makes me feel guilty about every purchase. Husband does not have said guilt. Hopefully the DVDs can brainwash him. Let us test that theory!  (Cue evil laugh…)
Side note- Carolina Chocolate Drops put on a damn good show!

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