Aretha Franklin

Well, today is the 15th. Technically the last day of my vegan challenge…we’ll talk more about that later. I have not been doing the “days of thankfulness”- I much prefer “no-shave November” to actual mental work. BUT, I’ve been inspired by one of my yoga teachers to think of things I’m grateful for and, being my cocky self, I feel like I can think of 15 things no problem. So here I go!
1. My job-I’m working in my field in a fairly stable position that I thoroughly enjoy. 2. my husband- he tells me I’m spoiled, and he is RIGHT!. 3. my dog- not only is she beautiful, she’s a cuddler! 4. my family (or should I count them as 3 separate things…)- we get along and spend time together and I know not everyone has that. 5. the fact that I have available, reliable transportation. I can go and do as I please, which is another something not everyone has. 6. the freedom to dress/do/listen to/eat/watch/read what I please. self- explanatory. 7. yoga/running/boxing/exercise in general and being able to participate in such activities. Physical capacity is something everyone should be grateful for while they have it. 8. MUSIC!! And with it, the memories and experiences I have been able to enjoy. 9. (ps, this is harder than I thought) my friends- even though we aren’t living close by anymore, we have all made the effort to stay connected, which I am thankful for. 10. bike trails- I love to bike, but I am terrified of biking on the road. Trails make it possible for me to do what I enjoy safely. 11. The variety of restaurants and foods I have available to me. Also, the fact that my husband is not a picky eater and I can cook whatever I want and know he will eat it. 12. smart phones! The ability to have the internet at my fingertips for whenever I get curious is both awesome and terrifying. 13. The way autumn looks in the south…for all my issues with where I live, we really do get some stellar seasonal colors. 14. (slowing down considerably at this point…) oh, coupons! I love getting stuff for cheaper, whether it’s something I would never buy full price or something I buy all the time. 15. spell check! Even though I’m a pretty decent speller, my typing is only so-so, and I appreciate the help. Lord knows I don’t want to look ignorant online!! (sarcasm=pretty heavy in that last sentence)
HA! I did it! Now let’s just hope no one challenges me in the next 15 days, because I might be all out…or not?


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