May Day!

I have developed an unhealthy obsession with 8tracks. Like, to the point of “I need a smart phone so I can listen to these mixes in my car and at the gym and everywhere” obsessed. And D just up and bought himself a new ($300) phone that is super fancy and I like it. Problem is, we can’t afford it. Especially considering that my car was recently totaled and I need a new one.

In other news, I ran 3 5ks recently. First one-bad. Second one- awful. Third- beat my first (not as bad) time! So that’s an accomplishment. And today D turned the AC on and I got cold so I did the 100 workout. It hurt, but I took lots of breaks for sips of my beer, so it wasn’t that bad. I skipped the run and did 10 push-ups in between each set.

I still haven’t heard back definitively about my internship for this fall, but I’ve convinced myself that it’s a done deal. May be a good idea, might not… And instead of following through or applying for back-up placements I have been hitting the pool as often as possible.

Since it’s dark out, I guess I will go do something while there is no sunshine tempting me.


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