Egg Nog

Starbucks apparently “can’t” make their egg nog latte with soy milk. Which I think is bull, but whatever. Time for an update- it’s been a while!

School- I have 2 papers to turn in, 1 presentation to give, and 1 final. I will be done within the week. Problem: I am supposed to have an internship site by tomorrow, which looks highly unlikely.

Work- I have not heard back from my recent interview, although I knew it was improbable. I guess that’s okay, since I have committed to a shift at my current job through Christmas. But it’s not okay, because when it comes time for me to get a grown-up job I may…screwed. It’s hard to focus on that during the holidays though, because everyone’s busy. Okay- back burner.

Wedding- is coming along, but there are a few issues. My on-line ordained officiant is not recognized by my state, so I will actually be getting married on the sly in the courthouse. Maybe I’ll pretend to be pregnant. My dress was altered, and the woman screwed up the halter, so a) my mom’s mad and b) it has to be fixed and may or may not be salvageable. (Speaking of the halter, I really need a haircut so that my mop will be somewhat presentable) Problem 3- what I was told was going to be a stage where the reception could be held is actually home to a mad scientist show thing. Complete with a random table that cannot be moved.

Life in general- the fiance and I are doing pretty well, but we are dealing with a lot of stress. I have been trying to stay in more and invite the friend in recovery to come over. She, however, would rather go to bars and not drink, shop, go to the tanning bed, etc. Which is cool, but I’m starting to feel pretty boring and married. Other friend just got back in town. Haven’t seen her in a week, haven’t really heard from her, but she’s kinda moved on to the aforementioned friend anyway. I don’t know, I’m just starting to feel like everyone is really clingy and I’m being squeezed out. I guess that’s what happens when everyone is in a relationship. And by everyone I mean me.

Ah well, off to pretend to be a productive member of society.


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