blue bird

Well- 3-ish weeks left of the semester, 4 months until the wedding. Crunch time is what I think athletes and crazy people call this. And what am I doing to deal with this situation? Sitting on the couch watching trashy tv and debating about what color to paint my nails. If…I mean when I go to the library I will get some research done, so that’s good. However, tomorrow I work (finally! I can hear my credit card breath a sigh of relief), Thursday will be another library research day and then…

Thursday night I have the gym- hopefully will be able to get there early and do some cardio for once. After that (immediately- no shower!) is my friend’s bachelorette party. And then I work on Friday- for real and babysitting. Saturday is the wedding of said friend, for which my brother will be my date. It should be fun, but it’s in the middle of the afternoon. But there’s supposed to be pasta, so that’s a plus. Saturday night may or may not be date night, and then I’m g0nna need some for real venting time. Sunday I work, go to the gym, babysit.

Rinse and repeat! Luckily, the semester is almost over and then it will be time to address wedding invitations, go taste cake, register for more crap I don’t need, meet with some designer friend-of-a-friend, and all of that other brouhaha.

My question? Why can’t it be warmer? I would be more productive if I wasn’t shivering all the time. Just saying…


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