Hot Water

Well I got a new hot water heater finally. I feel like this is a tad cliche, but you really do find out who your friends are when stuff goes wrong. For instance, after getting fired earlier this month, my “friends” have continued to invite me out to eat or drink every night, which I can’t afford. When I didn’t have water, one person offered up not only her shower, but her spare key and maybe a spare washer and dryer for later. No one else even knew, or if they did they didn’t say anything.

I’m starting to think I’m being slowly pushed out of the fun friend circle. Having night class almost every night makes it hard to go out, and not wanting to go through life hungover makes it even harder. As much as I don’t mind being a college student and housewife, I like friends. I’m not terribly fond of other couples and going to people’s houses and that kind of thing. I prefer to go out where there are people to watch. So- let’s recap my weekend!!

Thursday night we went to the beer garden. It was more fun than usual because there were different people there. The boys played cornhole, the other two girls and I sat around and chatted. When it was time to hit the liquor bar, the other girls left and it was just me and my boys. Lucky for me, I ran into a friend at the bar and was able to avoid discussing the merits of “Jackass 3D.” My lovely fiance bought shots for my friend and I because he is super-sweet. It was nice to see him having fun with his friends for a change. My friends (although most of our collective friends are mutuals by now) tend to leave him out of the conversation. Friday I stayed in and watched “Prom Night.” I don’t do scary, but it wasn’t awful. Saturday I rode the Virginia Creeper Trail, which was amazing. When I went last year it was cold and wet; this year was warm, sunny, and beautiful. When we got back I pretended to watch football, which meant talking to more people I haven’t seen in a while and getting drinks bought for me. Sunday I was good and went to work and yoga, followed by some much-needed free beer and line dancing.

The plan for the rest of the week is to clean the house, get school work done, and keep up the workout routine. It’s boring, but if I report my daily stuff maybe I’ll hold myself accountable. Speaking of which, I have to get this homework done before class starts. Oh! and I applied for a new job-hopefully it works out!


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